Gabriel's House is privately owned and operated and is considered the premiere sober living house in the Yucca Valley. We are the only house certified by the Sober Housing Coalition of San Bernardino County, in the Yucca Valley.

When we opened our doors in June 2005 we were prepared to provide a safe, clean and legal environment for men and women to re-discover their sobriety.

Gabriel's house maintains a dynamic environment known for it's casual, family-like atmosphere.We have established working relationships with the following agencies:
San Bernardino County;
Sheriff Department
Drug Courts
Department of Mental Health 
Children and Family Services 
Department of Probation/Parole
Valley Star Crisis Center
Oasis Mental Health
In addition to several 12 Step Programs in the Yucca Valley who provide ALL the resources and services lodgers need. We provide a safe place for you to locate job opportunities, personal growth, and a convenient location to lodgers. In addition, Gabriel's House offers excellent support through local resources. Its that simple, we provide the home, you do the work to better your life.

Gabriel's House is located in the Storey Park area of Yucca Valley, within walking distance to all services. Our lodgers enjoy the best of small town life and the great outdoors. Yucca Valley is known for its Hi Desert Nature Museum, Grubstake Days Festival and Summer Music festival. Of course, if you prefer the outdoors, the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park offers a wonderful playground with hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. If your goal is long term sobriety, Gabriels' House is your respite from the storm; you can find inner peace here.

If you are looking for an affordable place to call home in an extrordinary house, Gabriel's House is the place for you.

A view of the Yucca Valley
Gabriel's House